Splashback Ideas

There are a huge number of great splashback ideas to draw inspiration from. With so many printing options available, finding a design that you like is easy. Our panels are available in a variety of materials, from acrylic to toughened glass. With over a million graphic printing options, your perfect design is sure to be available. Here are some splashback ideas to get you started:


Waves Splashback Ideas

Waves are a simple, yet elegant printing pattern for your splashback. Brighten up your bathroom or kitchen. A vibrant and colourful choice, a wave print is hard to miss and easy to love. Enquire about this design or a custom design, contact us online today!


Textured Splashback Ideas

A textured splashback is certainly a more realistic and natural choice for your print. With a number of textures to choose from, finding the right one is easy. Thanks to our printing, your dream design is just round the corner. Here are just a few textured splashback ideas:

  • Marble
  • Stone
  • Leather
  • Tile & Brick
  • Miscellaneous textures


Gradients Splashback Ideas

Gradient patterned panels are often a lot more vibrant, with varying ranges of the same colour. Gradients are used to attain a smooth transition of colour, and are available in a variety of patterns and combinations.

Food & Drink

Food and Drink Splashback Ideas

Think of your favourite food. Now get it printed; food and drink make great splashback ideas, and with so many possibilities. Crazy for chilli? Let your guests know what they’re in for by getting a chilli printed panel. Water or wine? The choice is yours, with a huge number of prints to choose from.


Landscape Splashback Ideas

Transport yourself to a mountain peak or blissful beach. Landscape themes make for great splashback ideas. With such a huge number of lands and environments to choose from, take yourself anywhere you like!


Cityscape Splashback Ideas

Our cityscape graphics are full of great splashback ideas for your home. A cityscape splashback has a very powerful impact on any room. Keep the iconic London skyline in your kitchen, or the Empire State building in your bathroom!


Flowers Splashback Ideas

Another great source of never-ending splashback ideas. We all wish it could be summer forever, so capture that summer magic in the form of a splashback. Keep your kitchen bright and vibrant with a flower splashback. Roses, daisies, lilies and so much more. Take your pick!


Patterns Splashback Ideas

Patterns are a great source of splashback ideas. With such a huge number of patterns available, we definitely have something to catch your eye. From floral patterns to geometric and everything in-between. With such a massive pattern choice, finding the perfect pattern for your splashback is easy!