Shower Splashbacks

A shower splashback is just one of the many uses of our quality glass. Brighten up your bathroom with your dream design. With our printing service, your shower splashback can transport you from a tropical paradise to the deep blue sea. Our custom printing service means that the only limits are your imagination!

Life just got easier. Our shower splashbacks are easy to clean, stainless and compatible with all cleaning products. Prevent your walls from any water damage, as well as keeping your bathroom stylish with a shower splashback. All of our splashbacks are cut to size, resulting in a perfect fit for any bathroom, no matter your requirements.

Save money and time. Shower splashbacks are an easy, cost effective way to renovate your bathroom. A small change in scenery can make all the difference. We have a huge range of colours to choose from, so finding a complimenting colour for your bathroom is a breeze. These are just a variety of benefits that a shower splashback brings to your bathroom. Each material has a variety of strengths. Read on and find out more, orĀ contact us today.

Shower Splashback
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Finding your perfect splashback


Acrylic is most suitable for shower splashbacks. An Acrylic splashback is both shatterproof and watertight, resulting in a much safer, cleaner bathroom. Acrylic is easier to cut and install than glass, often resulting in a lower cost. All of our acrylic panels are available for printing, giving you a choice of over 1 million graphics, or your own custom design!


A glass shower splashback is also suitable for your bathroom. As with acrylic, our glass splashbacks are stylish, watertight and easy to clean. Prevent water damage, stains and bad taste, these glass splashbacks are available in a variety of colours. Get your preferred design printed onto your shower splashback for a unique and personal bathroom experience. For an even stronger material, check out our toughened glass.

We supply made to measure glass services to Berkhamsted and the surrounding areas. We love exceeding requirements from both businesses and home owners alike. For any project, big or small, enquire today. Call us on 01442 780844 for a free consultation, or visit our contact page.

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