Printed Splashbacks

Printed splashbacks are the perfect way to personalise your home. Easily spice up and renovate your rooms. A printed splashback can transport you to anywhere you like. Find your desired design – with over 1 million high quality stock graphics to choose from, finding your favourite is easy. Take your pick – our custom printed splashbacks bring your bathroom to the beach and take your kitchen to the jungle. The possibilities stretch as far as your imagination! We’re sure to have the perfect design for you.

Image requirements: 3MB minimum size. 300 PPI (pixels per inch) minimum resolution.

Choose the best material for your requirements. We possess a wide range of materials and splashbacks to print on. Both glass and acrylic splashbacks are available in a variety of colour choices. Take a look at the printed splashbacks on offer:


Acrylic printed splashbacks are ideal for those on a budget, looking for a stress free experience. Due to the material, an acrylic splashback is cheaper and stronger than glass. These splashbacks are also lightweight, making installation a lot easier. Acrylic will not crack like glass can, however they are less suitable for kitchen hobs and other hot areas. Contact us today – Call us on 01442 780844, or view our contact page!

Acrylic Splashback Marble Texture
Gradient Printed Splashback


A glass printed splashback looks just as good as acrylic, but is more suitable for hotter locations, with a heat resistance of up to 400°C. Perfect for kitchens, canteens and hobs. Glass won’t melt and will protect your walls from heat, oil and water damage. However, glass can often cost more than acrylic.

Toughened glass printed splashbacks are perfect for those wanting both style and durability. Whilst more expensive, a toughened glass printed splashback is ideal for cookers and hobs. Also boasting a heat resistance of 400°C, toughened glass is much less likely to crack than ordinary glass. Toughened glass printing looks as good as the rest.

A printed splashback is the best way to customise your kitchen, bathroom or any other room. Our durable designs last as long as the glass. Your design is fully merged into the glass using UV printing, and is not a sticker. Your design won’t wash or fade away, making it ideal for showers. Just try and peel off your new printed splashback design!

We offer a huge range of printed splashbacks to all manner of customers. From businesses to home owners, supplying bespoke glass splashbacks is what we do. Enquire today – call 01442 780844 for a free consultation or visit our contact page.

Cityscape Splashback