Cooker Splashbacks

Choosing the perfect cooker splashback for your kitchen can be a challenge. With BerkoGlass, we make it as easy as possible. All of our splashbacks are cut to size, so we’ll deliver a perfect fit, whatever your specifications. Prevent water and oil damage with a stainless cooker splashback. Easily keep your hob and walls clean and save effort looking for specific cleaning brands. Our cooker splashbacks are compatible with all cleaning products. Cleaning just got easy!

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Brick Cooker Splashback

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From electric to ceramic, a cooker splashback is suitable for a variety of hobs and kitchens. As well as this, our glass splashbacks are heat resistant to up to 400°C! Perfect for hobs, kitchens, canteens and any other areas subject to extreme heat. Choose from a variety of panel materials and find the best suited to you. We offer a variety of splashbacks, ranging from acrylic to glass, each with their own strengths. Here are a few things to consider when choosing your cooker splashback:

  • Stress – Will your splashback face physical knocks, bumps and hits? If so, acrylic is the perfect choice. Acrylic is lightweight, robust and shatterproof, although not as suitable for hobs and high heat.
  • Heat – How hot will your panel get? For high heats, glass / toughened glass is recommended. Capable of withstanding heats of up to 400°C. Toughened glass is the perfect material for cooker splashbacks, and less likely to shatter than standard glass.
  • Usage – A splashback has a variety of uses for your kitchen. If simply for decorative purposes, any material is suitable. For high stress, use acrylic. For low stress but high heat, go for glass!

Get your perfect design printed onto your cooker splashback. A printed splashback brings style and personality to your kitchen. Choose from over 1 million stock graphics or request your own custom design. Whatever you pick, the end result is a stylish, unique cooker splashback that reinvigorates your kitchen. No matter your requirements, we aim to deliver Berkhamsted a quality service to be proud of. Order today – Enquire by calling 01442 780844, or visit our contact page!

Coloured Splashbacks
Landscape Acrylic Splashback