Acrylic Splashbacks

Easily invigorate your bathroom or kitchen with an acrylic splashback. Save time and effort, thanks to its light weight. Acrylic splashbacks are easier to cut, move and install than glass or metal. Say goodbye to stains on your walls, our splashbacks are easy to clean and stain-proof. An acrylic splashback is suitable for all manner of requirements. All of the materials we use are non-conductive. Our glass splashbacks are most suited and safe for use with electric, induction and ceramic hobs.

We offer a variety of splashback materials to choose, ranging from:

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Acrylic Splashback Waves
Acrylic Splashback Marble Texture

Save money and stress

An acrylic splashback is stronger, cheaper and more durable than glass. An acrylic splashback will often last longer, surviving hits and knocks without breaking. This type of splashback is perfect for children and those clumsier cooks. Acrylic splashbacks are compatible with all cleaning products, so cleaning up is a breeze! For those with specific designs and colour schemes – We have a colour to compliment your design. Our acrylic splashbacks are available in a huge variety of colours and custom printing options.

Transport yourself to a tropical paradise, a deep seabed or anywhere else you desire. Our acrylic splashback printing allows you to choose from over a million graphics, finding the perfect design for you. If you’re looking for something more specific, you can send us your own design! Print your custom acrylic splashback design for a more personal touch. All of our splashbacks are resilient to up to 400­°C heat, perfect for your kitchen. However, we recommend glass splashbacks for hob use, as acrylic can melt.

Our splashbacks are made to measure, meeting all your requirements. An acrylic splashback is suitable for all manner of uses, from kitchens to bathrooms. Be it commercial use for businesses or personal use for home owners, we supply and install quality splashbacks for everyone. Enquire today – for a free consultation, call 01442 780844 or visit our contact page.

Food Acrylic Splashback
Landscape Acrylic Splashback