Unframed Mirror Fitting & more

Looking for a dependable glass fitter? Berkhamsted Glass – Reliable glass manufacturers & fitters. We would be delighted to assist you in the supply, installation or replacement of an unframed mirror. Furthermore, we’d love to be your first choice in fitting your marvellous new mirror, or helping you find the perfect bespoke mirror for you.

Choosing the right mirror is important. The look, feel and dynamic of a room or bathroom can be completely shifted by your choice of mirror. That is why we’re with our clients every step of the way, carefully guiding and responding to their needs, queries or worries. Be it a chrome finished hanging mirror, an LED mirror or just a plain pane of glass, we’re sure to have the mirror for you!

We have been in the glass fitting business for over 55 years. Furthermore, we pride ourselves on delivering a complete, satisfactory service to our customers. We offer unframed mirror fitting, quoting, call outs, showroom tours and much more. Call us today for a more in-depth list of our services.

Secondly, our speciality lies in unframed mirrors. Supplying, installing and replacing them, specifically depending on your requirements. Why not take advantage of our free, no-obligation quote and see how we can help you, today?

For more information, please call us on 07889 460852, or click here and contact us online!

Bespoke Mirror / Unframed Mirror Fitting


Secondly, our primary objective is to ensure total customer satisfaction with our service. That means making sure that you, or any other client, are happy throughout the process. To ensure this, we strive to meet your needs. Even if that means always being ready to put in that extra effort!

Furthermore, we aim to work closely with you, in order to give you a clear idea about what we plan to do. Though we keep our costs reasonable, we will never compromise on our high standards of service.